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Imposteurs is a monographic treaty that proposes the reading and experiencing of the works by Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d'Uterpan) created between 2005 and 2012. It comes with critical comments and written notes by different authors, actors and witnesses, from the domains of dance and the visual arts, as well as elements pertaining to the work process and organization of the company les gens d'Uterpan. These segments are printed on a continuous piece of fabric of 260 x 305 centimeters.
Devoid of any iconographic dimension, the publication allows for the activation of each copy by the artists.

Edited by CAC Brétigny and Pierre Bal-Blanc
Design VIER5
Box: 39,5 x 31,5 x 5 cm
Silkscreen on cardboard: Kistenpappe 1.060 gr/m2
Folded printed black and white piece of fabric
Publication of 40 copies, 20 copies French / 20 copies English, with ISBN number

Pierre Bal-Blanc, Cis Bierinckx, Rosita Boisseau, Mari-Mai Corbel, Thibaud Croisy, Rhea Dall, Fabien Dehasseler, Sophie Demeyer, Vanessa Desclaux, Lou Forster, Thomas Hahn, Claire Lahuerta, Marc Lenot, Christophe Martin, Gérard Mayen, Ji Yoon Moon, Philippe Noisette, Sandra Patron, Cédric Schönwald, Judith Souriau, Philippe Verrièle

Specific partners: CAC Brétigny, Conseil général de l'Essonne

Photos : Steeve Beckouet
Courtesy : les gens d'Uterpan

Conception : Annie Vigier et Franck Apertet