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The three injunctions - sit, stand, lie down - are made or given
depending on the logistics of the exhibition (wall label placed in an exhibition hall), on the performance (physical action carried out by the dancers), and on the theatre (verbal expression by the choreographers).

Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, France (theatre/dance studio/ exhibition hall), March 16th 2009
The creation of assis|debout|couché has constituted the result of the grant for a choreographic research, granted to Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet by the Regional Cultural Affairs Office of Ile-de-France - French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2009.
assis|debout|couché strategically inverts the relations of authority established between institutions and artists, by making a performance out of the 60 minutes usually spent behind closed doors in awarding the research grant allocated by the Ministry of Culture to the choreographers.
The three injunctions, sit, stand, lie down - were produced and formulated in the registers of exhibition, performance, and theatre, causing the members of the grant commission to obey despite themselves, in front of spectators invited by the choreographers especially for the occasion.

The event was announced a few days prior, as a performance, in the programme of the Festival Clandestin organised by the revue Mouvement, from January to March 2009.

Photos: Steeve Beckouet
Courtesy: Ministry of Culture-Direction of Music, Dance, Theater and Entertainments/ les gens d’Uterpan/ Centre National de la Danse


March 16th 2009, 
Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, France
Specific partners
Mouvement Revue-Festival Clandestin
Scheduler : David Sanson

Performers: Franck Apertet, Luis Corvalan Correa, Sophie Demeyer, Cécile Laloy, Clémentine Maubon, Stève Paulet, Denis Robert, Annie Vigier, Francesca Ziviani

Conception : Annie Vigier et Franck Apertet